Over It

If you live in the Northeast, chances are you’ve had enough winter recently to tide you over until next year (and if you live in the Upper Midwest, you’re probably laughing at what I just wrote).  Up until just a few days ago, it was painfully cold.  So cold that on Sunday, I was actually happy that it was all of nineteen degrees during my morning run. Still, I was almost relieved that a few small post-run twinges in my foot gave me an excellent reason to take an unplanned rest day from running yesterday.

Today’s early morning temperature soared to 39 degrees.  Perfect winter running weather, or so I thought.  Within a few minutes of starting my run, I was slipping and sliding all around the slippery pavement.  I think it had something to do with the rain and sleet from the day before, hanging around and freezing.  Whatever the reason, I felt like I was trying to navigate an oil slick.  I was way over-dressed for the gym and didn’t have my gym ID card with me anyway, so I turned around after a quarter of a mile or so and decided another rest day is preferable to risking a twisted ankle or a fall.  It’s okay; running only four times a week gives you a lot of leeway for getting in every run.

I will run tomorrow, come hell or high water… in shorts, most likely.  Tomorrow’s projected high is 55 degrees.  Springtime for the day in January?  I’ll happily take it.


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