Race plans (sort of)

I am still riding high after yesterday’s consult with the orthopedic surgeon.  No more boot, no surgery and the expectation I’ll be able to resume running any day now called for lots of candy- two chocolate bars, to be exact.   Jim too celebrated, with a few drinks. I imagine the only thing worse than being married to a runner is being married to an injured runner.

While polishing off my chocolate bars, I signed up for the Shrimp and Grits 5k on January 19th.  The 5k is being held in conjunction with a half marathon and the race my friend John will be running:

I’m doing the 5k as a fun run.  I will not be pushing the pace.  Also, I’m prepared to sit this one out, if my Achilles does not allow me to run 100 percent pain free.  My main priorities for the weekend are to explore Charleston, a city I’ve been eager to visit, and cheer on John while he runs the marathon.  Oh yes, and eat some grits at the post-race party!

Erring on the side of caution, I refrained from any and all exercise as soon as I found out last week that the MRI shows a partial tear to my Achilles tendon.  Now that the surgeon has given me the green light to bike and swim, I’m back at it.  I did forty five minutes this morning on the exercise bike and am going to bike or swim tomorrow morning.  This Achilles injury has put to rest the stirrings of a desire to do a triathlon.  Multi-sport competitions?  Not for me!


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2 Responses to Race plans (sort of)

  1. Monyca says:

    I’ve got cousins in Charleston, and I think my cousin Chelsea may have done this 5K last year. I’ll ask her.

    Glad you got good news – Should I sign you up for the next Seattle marathon?

  2. sarah says:

    Agreed with the multi-sport statement. Tomorrow, I can finally let myself run again. Itching to go!

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